I have spent a lot of time researching for a product that delivers and speaks for itself. As a photographer and a client, it's important to me to be able to have something tangible come out of my sessions. More times than not, my clients will most likely save and download and share an image and rarely ever print or frame the artwork they invested in. The albums I offer are phenomenal and are all hand made to order with outstanding quality and attention to detail. The lab I have invested in value the art that is entrusted in them to deliver a gorgeous product made to withstand the passage of time.

Journal Collection

This is a collection designed for telling stories. Its exclusive cover, manually tailored and coated with natural Tuscany Leather, stands out for the tiny stains that are so characteristic of genuine leather. Its ribbon, which wraps the whole album, makes this diary of memories a real treasure.The perfect choice for people who want to see their memories come and go from generation to generation.

This collection is only offered in the Tuscany Leather finish and colors shown below left to right, top to bottom: Coffee, Cinnamon, Cream, Graphite, Coal, Green & Marine Blue. (photograph to the left is in Cinnamon)

Originally from Tuscany, this leather has an unmatched quality and durability, with a wax finish to preserve it and keep its quality over time. The exclusive texture with patterns in different tones makes this product even more unique. Italian leather is the right choice for people who want their product to look the same for many years ahead.

Contemporary Collection

This collection stands out mainly for the preservation of its content, despite the value it can add. Designed like a classic book, its coating is made of vegan micro leather, having all the texture and comfort of real leather. With a wide range of colours, this collection is the perfect match between the contemporary and the timeless.

This Collection is offered in a Micro Leather Coating only. Undoubtedly, this is the best alternative to real leather. Its astonishing similarity to genuine leather, gives this coating an incredibly smooth and pleasant touch. Being made of a resistant material, its durability is undeniable. It also offers a wide range of colours to choose from, such as the new metallic shades.

Colors shown below left to right, top to bottom:

Bordeaux, Mustard, Blue, White, Dark Grey, Black, Beige, Brown, Green, Metal Rose Gold, Metal Gold, Metal Silver, Metal Grey & Graphite.

Luxe Linen Collection

Made of natural and organic fibres, Linen is the most sustainable option among all coatings, from their planting to their colouring, being the right choice for the soft touch lovers. It has neutral and smooth colours. Due to the robustness of its fabric, it provides excellent resistance to the final product. Perfect for Clients who value natural products.

This collection is offered only in the luxe linen coating and the colors available are as shown left to right, top to bottom: Apple, Aqua, Beige, White, Petal, Pumpkin, Zink and Sun.

Sizes (base price includes 12 spreads)

  • 8x8 ( 12 spreads) starting at $550
  • 10x10 (12 spreads) starting at $750

Extra Spread

  • $15 per extra spread
  • $18 per extra spread

Album Extras

  • recommended spread of tracing paper big $15

Cover Extras

  • recommended UV Print $20

Parent Replica Albums (base pricing for 12 spreads) must be purchased at the same time as a regular album to receive the discounted pricing.

  • starting at $350 for 6x6
  • starting at $445 for 8x8

Matching album boxes available, pricing varies.

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