Adventures at Jockey Ridge State Park

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

I've always wanted to try my hand at this blogging thing, whether I'll be good at it or not, that is yet to be determined. But, you never know unless you try so here I am! Being that we're freshly into the new year, it's not so intimidating having to catch up on the past sessions of 2021.

Zakiya reached out to me in early December with wanting to create a session to document Amir's (her son) birthday. In normal times, or should we say pre-covid 19 times, they would travel to new cities chosen by Amir. They would collect all the research and choose the top attractions to see and then go experience them. I mean how cool is that?! Affording your children the opportunity to explore and experience different places/environments is so important…and honestly, one of the major things I love about this military lifestyle. There is so much out there, beyond the bubbles of our every day life. But, I digress.

Ultimately, Zakiya wanted a session that would document the love between a mother and son—verbatim, her words (I'm pretty sure that's every photographer's dream phrase). So she opted for an adventure session and I suggested Jockey Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC and the rest was history.

I made the suggestion before our session that it might be a good idea to purchase a kite...

Can you recall the last time you flew a kite? For fun? Whether by yourself or with a partner or with your children?

Then there was a dance off—you know, the regulars…like the running man, flossing, a little moonwalking.

I couldn't think of a better session to commence the 2021 season. After what a rocky 2020 year provided us, it was refreshing to start the new year with something so full of life and love. The love here between mother and son is undeniable and I'm just so honored that I was chosen to capture it.

"Rebecca, I could cry tears of joy right now. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. You captured every living moment and I thank you so very much. From professionalism to product, nothing short of sheer excellence." ~ Zakiya